Our Story

Meet Josh Baybak, the creator!

In the vibrant late 90s, amid the sun-soaked streets of South Beach, Miami, my journey into the world of style and fashion began. Growing up in the eclectic atmosphere of South Florida, my mother, a timeless fashion icon, ingrained in me the art of looking impeccable and staying on top of the latest trends. She was the catalyst that set me on the path of sartorial excellence.

As I entered my late 20s, life threw a curveball my way—a major back surgery to remove a benign tumor from my spine. The aftermath left me with a permanent limp and leg atrophy, prompting the quest for a stylish yet supportive everyday shoe. Enter the Air Force 1 (AF1), a revelation in comfort and fashion that became my go-to sneaker for having my back, quite literally.

Post-surgery, my love for sneakers blossomed into a collection of nearly a thousand pairs, with over 800 dedicated to the AF1. A collector’s dream, boasting an array of colorways and collaborations that told a story of passion and dedication.

However, every dream has its quirks, and for me, it was the pesky little dubrae at the bottom of the laces. If you’re investing in a pair of kicks worth hundreds, a mere half-penny piece of metal on your lace just doesn’t cut it. Armed with my connections, I sought the expertise of a jeweler to craft a pair of dubraes that matched the extravagance of my sneaker collection—enter the 18K gold and white diamond lace locks.

The debut night with my bedazzled sneakers was a spectacle. The diamonds caught the light, turning heads and sparking conversations. But as I prepared for the next night out, a dilemma struck. The bling I craved clashed with my chosen sneakers, and the tedious process of unlacing and relacing was a luxury I couldn’t afford in my rush. The verdict: no more bling. The constant struggle of lacing and relacing had me waving goodbye to the sparkle.

Enter a eureka moment after six months of contemplation. Staring at my dazzling sneakers, I resolved to find a way to transfer the bling seamlessly from one pair to another. And so, after a decade of research and development, a patented solution emerged—a detachable dubrae jewelry device with magnets, now protected in 38 countries. Each pair comes with a matching precious metal “leash” for added security. The result: a stylish solution that seamlessly marries form and function, allowing me to switch from sneaker to sneaker without the hassle of constant lacing and relacing. The journey from fashion connoisseur to innovator had come full circle.